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VOIP & Telephony


We’ve come a long way from the old dial-up days when you had to be off the phone in order to connect to the internet. As technology has grown, telephone systems have become ever more closely interlinked with the web and we’re now at a point where, thanks to VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) the gap between the two could be set to disappear altogether. 

With a range of installation and support services available from Cheeky Munkey across St Albans, Hertfordshire and the home counties, you can incorporate new technologies into your business in a way that suits your unique needs.

There are a number of benefits to switching to a VoIP system in your office, meaning it’s rapidly become one of Cheeky Munkey’s most sought-after services. The whole infrastructure will be designed and installed by our friendly team of experts, and closely maintained from day one. 

There will be no need for further hardware or software upgrades once it’s set up, we’ll continually improve it and keep your technology up to date without charging you a penny extra. If you move to a new premises, the transfer of a VoIP phone system is quick and easy; with our support, you’ll be back up and running at the new office in no time. 

All our VoIP systems are powered by Cisco, a world leader in IT and communications, so you can rest assured knowing that your system is powered by a partnership with second-to-none expertise. 

Among the specialist VoIP services we offer are:

  • Business VoIP, which allows us to streamline your phone network onto a new flexible system that can be accessed from anywhere with a broadband connection. A business VoIP system will significantly cut your current phone costs, as well as offering video conferencing, greater device connectivity and an easily expandable system.
  • VoIP Migration takes care of the entire migration process on your behalf. Any initial problems can be ironed out quickly and we will devise a timescale that causes minimum disruption to your business. We are regularly asked about the most effective way to reduce the cost of a phone system, and a migration to VoIP fully managed by Cheeky Munkey is the answer.

As part of our range of VoIP and telephony services we also provide:

  • Voice and data cabling
  • Business telephone systems
  • Fixed telephony
  • Inbound solutions
  • Telecoms support
  • Unified communications

If you’re interested to find out more about our VoIP and telephony services, get in touch with Cheeky Munkey today.



What is VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) allows businesses to make and receive telephone calls over the internet rather than via a traditional phone line. Services vary and some may require users to be at their computer, but others incorporate traditional handsets and even mobile phones.

How does VoIP work? 

A VoIP line simply turns your voice into digital information that is sent via the internet, the same way as emails are. This means that ordinarily you shouldn’t be charged for VoIP calls other than as part of a broadband package that you’re already paying for.

What does my business need for VoIP?

All you need for a VoIP system is a broadband connection, a traditional phone handset and an adapter. It’s increasingly common for businesses to use private networks for VoIP, so having one in place can be an additional security benefit.