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IT Consultancy Services

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IT Consultancy Services

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IT Consultancy in Hertfordshire

Our IT consultancy services are one of the things that make Cheeky Munkey stand out from the crowd. We don’t just turn up and fix your IT systems when they go wrong – of course we’re always on hand to do that but we’ll take a more strategic approach, planning what’s best for your business in the long term. From day one we seek to understand your company and its unique needs, taking into consideration how all your employees use IT and identifying key priorities and weaknesses.

Taking the consultancy approach allows Cheeky Munkey to provide a truly all-encompassing IT support service, we don’t just look at what your company needs today but what we can do to future-proof it tomorrow. 

We have a huge amount of experience in IT and wide-ranging knowledge of the industry and our team will transfer this to your business, providing it with clear direction and objectives. All the solutions that we offer are suitable for at least five years, meaning you won’t need another consultancy in five minutes’ time. 

It’s our IT consultancy service that lays the foundation for a long-lasting and mutually beneficial partnership between your company and Cheeky Munkey. Repairs, monitoring and round-the-clock support are all part of what we do but gaining a full understanding of where you want your business to be in one, three or even five years allows us to provide those services as effectively as possible. 

Cheeky Munkey can monitor and manage the performance of the infrastructure and services we provide more effectively if we are attuned to the vision and objectives of your business. 

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What does an IT consultant do?

IT consultants design and plan systems and infrastructures according to a company’s needs. The advantage you’ll get by using Cheeky Munkey’s consultancy service is an IT partner who will maintain and repair those systems having designed them ourselves.

Why does my business need IT consultancy?

Without a full understanding of your business’s values and long-term objectives, an IT service provider can only fix problems they see in front of them. Consultancy allows Cheeky Munkey to forge a strategic plan for your IT infrastructure that will protect it in the future.

Can IT consultancy diagnose problems in my existing system? 

Yes, we will work closely with your business to assess your current IT infrastructure and identify any weak points. This, combined with an understanding of your priorities, will inform our design and planning.