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Cloud Hosting

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IaaS and Cloud Hosting

For any business, being adaptable to ever changing circumstances is a must in order to succeed. IaaS enables your firm to be more responsive, and improves your functions in the event of unexpected occurrences.

What is IaaS?

Organisations that want to upgrade their environment without heavy up-front investment in new hardware can take advantage by hosting their services in the cloud with infrastructure as a service (IaaS).

Moving to a monthly cost based model for IT infrastructure is increasingly attractive for many organisations.  Not only does this model offer the ability to reduce upfront costs, it also ensures you are provided with a fully hosted cloud infrastructure that is tailored to your organisation and its requirements.

What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud based IaaS environments provide clients with a flexible environment. If an organisation grows or has an increase in requirements, it is easy to scale up the resources on the hosted server environment. Equally if an organisation needs to scale down for any reason, then the hosted environment can be reduced accordingly.

Whether looking at a private, public or a hybrid cloud environment, Cheeky Munkey provides up to 99.9% uptime availability guaranteed, and servers are hosted within the UK. With all of Cheeky Munkey’s solutions including 24/7 proactive monitoring, redundancy and disaster recovery, clients can be safe in the knowledge that their infrastructure is protected and their data is backed up in the event of a system failure.

The Cheeky Munkey team is on hand to design your hosted cloud environment, implement the solution and provide ongoing support. Cheeky Munkey put a complete service wrap on to any IaaS solution to ensure that clients have the support and assistance of the dedicated Cheeky Munkey cloud specialist team for any issues that may arise.

 Get in touch with Cheeky Munkey cloud specialist team today to discuss how we can assist in harnessing the cloud for your business.